Arabic Program

 Teaching the Muslims the Language of the Qur’an.

The students will learn to use the Arabic language for various situations with increasing linguistic, cultural and religious accuracy.  The content of this program is to develop skills in conversation, reading, writing, listening/comprehension and grammar. The development of these linguistic skills will allow the student to develop a high level of language accuracy in all forms of communication that will eventually lead them to develop confidence and a functional command of the Arabic language. 
The Corriculum at MGAP is built from a compilation of various Arabic learning resources. (Iqra book series, Madinah book series, Arabicpod, IIASA Books, and Al Arabiyah Bayna Yadayk). The materials used will depend on the age and maturity of the student.
The class is taught by a veteran students of the Arabic language with 10 years of study.
-Age requirements: 7yrs old and up
-All students are required to be able to read arabic.
 For the month of Ramadan we will be reviewing all 14 chapters that were covered so far.  We will be starting with chapter 1 August 29th.  If you have not signed up but wanted to this is the perfect time to join.  

This class will be open to both brothers and sisters 7yrs and older, with separation of males and females. (This program is geared more towards the needs of our youth, but Adults are more than welcome to register)
For questions contact: Masjidul Ghurabaa / phone: 301.534.5750 / email:

Hifz Program

Θ    Hifz Program
Masjidul Ghurabaa’s Hifz Program will start August 1, 2009.  At this program students will attend hifz under the guidance of Abdul Samaad and his top students. For parents interested in their children completing hifz, this program offers tremendous value at an affordable price. This is a perfect way to encourage your child with two very important aspects in this deen: to memorize the Noble Qur’an and attach themselves to the house of Allah.
Students from ages 5 upward are eligible to register for this program. Registration is open from Saturday, August 1st until all classes are filled at the masjid. It is a part time program operating Saturdays & Sundays from 9:30 AM to 11:00 AM.
Registration Form
This program is creating a lot of excitement in the communities, but due to limited availability we will not be able to hold reservations.   You must attend registration day to enroll your child. Once we have filled the class we will not be accepting any students until next semester.     
We have started with very highly qualified teachers and inshallah will expand as the enrollment increases.

For more information contact Masjidul Ghurabaa at (301) 534-5750 or